Lightheadedness Among Elderly: 5 Most Common Causes


According to a Harvard report, dehydration is a primary cause of lightheadedness. You might suffer dehydration due to heat, sickness or not drinking sufficient fluids. Dehydration lowers your blood pressure that cuts down the volume of blood which reaches your brain.

A few additional symptoms of dehydration, according to Mayo Clinic are fatigue, extreme thirst, irregular urination, confusion, etc.

For mild dehydration, 1- 2 glasses of plain water may be adequate. You may even drink some orange juice. However, if the dehydration is severe, electrolytes or a visit to a doctor may be required.

Negative effects caused by medicines

In case you’re in-taking new medicines, check if you experience lightheadedness or dizziness due to them. Also, even in the event, you’re taking the drug for a while, it might still lead to these ill-effects. Normally, certain drugs might cause negative effects in case they cause urination that’s too frequent, or lower your blood pressure. Either way, you must consult with your physician about minimizing your dosage or substituting the drug entirely.

Reduction in blood sugar level

If the blood sugar level is too low, our body tends to use a minimum amount of energy possible so as to retain the sugar which it already has. Meaning less energy gets transmitted towards your brain, causing lightheadedness. Initially, you can try drinking your favorite fruit juice in order to see whether the issues resolves by itself. If you see a pattern, it may be best to communicate with your physician about examining your blood sugar volumes.

Remeber: In case you’re experiencing dizziness the moment you wake up, it could be a sign of morning hypoglycemia.

Balance Issues

A number of balance issues may lead to dizziness in seniors. Major factors which may lead to this problem include:

vertigo & other inner-ear disorders

eye issues (glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.)


numbness in legs & feet

heart or blood circulation problems

chronic issues, for example, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

intaking different types of medicines

Stroke or Heart attacks

Stroke or heart attacks are another major causes for lightheadedness in senior citizens. In case you think you may be suffering from a similar condition, call 911 to the earliest. At times, lightheadedness can be the lone symptom of stroke or heart attack among seniors, particularly if it shows no signs of improvement.

A few other symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, nausea or not being able to breathe, pain in arm, jaw or back.

Additional symptoms of stroke include weakness, unnatural headaches, trouble walking, numbness, changes in eye vision, etc.

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