Top 4 Health Issues Among Elderly

  1. Cancer

Cancer, undoubtedly, is among of the most serious diseases which affect not only elderly folks but also those from younger age groups. According to research conducted by CDC, almost 21 percent of women & 28 percent of men who’re 65 or above have been diagnosed with Cancer.

Cancer that’s in its initial stages can be treated. But, there’s no guaranteed method for curing cancer entirely as of now. Although you can definitely minimize the side effects of the medications and other suffering resulted due to the illness.

Knee pain, joint pain, weakness & sore throat are some common side effects of medications used for curing cancer.

  1. Arthritis

Arthritis is another common health issue among senior citizens. An inactive lifestyle is a common reason for the disease in most. A few symptoms which might indicate a person is suffering from arthritis include ankle pain, joint pain, & knee pain. Consulting with your doctor while the disease is in its initial stages might help you eliminate the pain associated with arthritis. Doing workouts may be challenging for some people, however, a light workout is necessary for keeping your joints and bones functioning properly and ensuring the disease doesn’t stop you from doing your day to day tasks.

  1. Alzheimer’s

It is estimated that 1 out of 9 individuals who’re 65 or older suffering from the disease. Alzheimer’s disease can affect the health of both the sufferer as well as their loved ones. So, it’s crucial that you handle the condition patiently, communicate freely about it, & also seek medical help whenever necessary.

  1. Osteoporosis

A person suffering from Osteoporosis may experience bones that are brittle & weak. Even though treatment might help, you won’t be able to cure the condition completely. Hence, you must be able to identify the condition as soon as possible in order to start the treatment immediately. Most people show no signs of Osteoporosis till they suffer a bone fracture. Prolonged knee pain might be an indication that your bones require help. Also, seniors must wear ankle and knee braces to avoid collapsing and falling.

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